Preserve Text lost most of it's smoothing ability in 2.4

Preserve text seems like it is either broken or the adjustment latitude is so small that it is unable to smooth out letters like 2.3.2, plus why did you take away the full image mask for Preserve text - that was very good on images with a lot of text. If 2.3.2 was 85% there, 2.4 seems to have fallen back to about 20% effectiveness, if that. Otherwise, enjoying the other updates so far.

Actually, having played around with this a little more, it seems if I go ahead and save the image with the Preserve text adjustment, even though it is not acceptable in Preview mode, it seems to have some what smoothed out the text a bit more when coming back to my editing app. It is still not like it was in 2.3.2, but maybe 40% effective now, so maybe that means the Photo AI preview is not correctly displaying the exact adjustment?

I’ve never had a crash with TPAI before, but trying to select multiple areas of Text for preservation on one of my regular test images just did. I went back and tried it again and it made it through to the end without crashing. I was more careful to let it complete each add ( wait a few extra seconds) before selecting the next area the second time. This version is evidently not as stable.

I also agree that the text enhancement used to be amazing, but now it’s just marginal. For this particular image the results are actually worse than what upscaling alone can achieve.


I tested the Preserve Text with version 2.4.0 too today and confirm that the results of the older version were far better. Not sure if this is du to the upscaling being the last step in the process always. :eyes:

I tried saving with only upscale, and then reprocessing that file to add Text Enhancement, and it made the fonts look worse than the upscale alone did.

One step forward, and two steps back. :pleading_face:

Ok, a day later and many more attempts at trying to get any satisfactory result from Preserve text has proved to be fruitless. A few images might be half corrected from earlier versions but most of my attempts just make the image useless now and the interplay between the remove noise function and Preserve Text by working those two features together is gone now since there is no manual adjustment now in Preserve Text.

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I’ve made a post in the release thread about this:

Whatever I’ve tried, the results are just bad compared to v2.3

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