Preserve Text in 2.4 has been deteriorated

OK…I have been using Photo AI since it was released and have been deeply impressed by the ‘Preserve Text’ tool…with the latest 2.4 there is no longer a “select all” choice for text selection. I now must brush what in other programs looks like a mask. And the result is truly abysmal. I have one very low resolution image that I was able to perfectly capture the text and now, with the same image, I get distorted and oddly joined lines that look nothing like letters.

How do I go back to a previous version of Photo AI?


Look here: Releases - Topaz Community

Yes, it’s sad that they’ve crippled preserve text with this release. One step forward, and two back seems to be the way they do agile development.

Do you have any examples you would be able to share that shows this problem with the Preseve Text feature?

Yes, of course. Try to upscale this text page with the latest version and with the older one via preserve text. The old version of Photo AI did a pretty good job here. No chance at all with version 2.4.0. :confused:

I posted an example last week in the release thread showing the problem:

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