PreProcessing before using Topaz Filters


Ive been looking for information about Pre processing images with Camera raw or Lightroom before using Topaz.

I understand Topaz filtes appear to cover most aspects of Camera Raw etc - how ever ther is no clarification if it is necessary to pre process before hand

Interested to establish a workflow that suits Photoshop CS6

Can someone help with this question

Thanks Mark

I believe it is really up to you Mark. Topaz Studio is very powerful and I believe it stands up very well as a stand alone application. I am just used to using Photoshop and Lightroom as a starting point but I am sure I could start out right in Topaz Studio and achieve very satisfying results. :grinning:

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If you do a internet search for cs6 tutorials there is many videos and training materials on the internet, both official Adobe content and others.

Just select what you need from that.

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Thanks David