Precision Detail question

I have a licensed version of Detail 3 so I assumed that I would get the Precision Detail component of Studio as a free item. However when I went to use it I was offered the 28 day trial and the Go Pro pricing. Is Precision Detail not supposed to be free to licensed users of Detail? Or am I mistaken.


Did you follow the instructions outlined here? If you did and you still have no access please rase a technical support request at the links in the header above.

It may not be related to the same issue as the OP, but I am having the same problem, as I did with clarity update, which was due to me having me bought the plugins a long time a go as part of a bundle (the plugins themselves, were the latest versions) which was giving validation issues.

It did get fixed for Clarity, but I wonder if it has resurfaced with Detail.

I have contacted Topaz direct for help.


I have followed the instructions on how to get Detail working properly in Studio, but it had no affect. I have submitted a support ticket, but I should also comment that the support ticket submission page does not contain an entry for Precision Detail and Channel Mixer an, since that is what the entry is about, that probably deserves its own support ticket.

Nope… the support you should ask about is Studio. Make sure you use the Studio support and not the standard plugin support.

In the meantime just Try Pro as you get 30 days while they sort out your issue.

I think I submitted a Studio support ticket as the webpage asked me for the version and I was able to select Studio 1.3.2 from the pulldown list.