Precision Detail on Macs

I have just had a response from Topaz regarding the fact that just adding a Precision Detail filter when running MacOS Mojave sends the image blurry.

The fix is to upgrade to Catalina. Given the number of compatibility issues with other products, e.g.Spyder Express 64 bit not due out until next week, that have been reported and the fact that Apple normally issues bug fix releases soon after a major release, I will not be rushing to implement this fix.

Could anyone who has experienced this issue and has upgraded to Catalina check that the upgrade does fix the problem?

David Kelly submitted a post on the Facebook Topaz Studio group on October 8 confirming that Precision Detail worked after he upgraded to Catalina. Following my upgrade on October 9 it was the first thing that I checked. I had had the same problem that you, and others, have noted with the Precision Detail filter on Macs. It is now functioning properly.

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