Precision Detail and Impressions in Studio

I own Topaz Detail 3.3.0 but in Topaz Studio 1.5.2, Precision Detail only has a Go Pro option suggesting I have to purchase it for $34.99.

I understood from what I have read, that it should just be working and that I do not have to purchase Precision Detail as I own Topaz Detail.

The same applies to Impression but not Simplify or Clarity. They both work in Studio from the LHS Menu.
All Plug-ins work from the Plug-ins drop-down menu

I filled out a support ticket a couple of weeks back but no reply there so I thought I’d ask the question here.

Is this just a bug?

I think you will need to wait for a response from the support team, in the meantime use the Try Pro option to get the same functionality.

At this point…if you own the full original plug-ins of Detail and Impression they should be showing under Specialty on the LHS menu as Simplify and Clarity are. As Don mentioned you will have to wait for the support team to straighten out the transporting from your Topaz Labs account to the Topaz Studio Account. You might want to check your Topaz Labs account to see if your purchases are listed correctly in the meantime.

Thanks for replies Don and Eleanore.
Everything looks fine in my Topaz Accounts so I will patiently wait for support (which used to be so much faster)…

At least you’ve clarified our confusion as tor whether or not they should be showing under Specialty on the LHS menu and that we don’t have to re-purchase these products.

Regards Kym and Heather.

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Well it looks like Topaz have really dropped the ball when it comes to support.
I’ve been fairly patient I think but a month later and still no reply to my open ticket for this problem.

Having purchased just about every plugin they have ever released and having gone out of my way to demonstrate their products to dozens and dozens of interested parties I feel more than just disappointed.

What the heck has happened to Topaz?
They used to be the best with support tickets answered in less than 24 hours.


The team is very busy but due to the length of time, I think I would put in another Support ticket. However since Studio is now at 1.53, I would upgrade your copy. It just may be the answer to solving your problem. Make sure that you are logged in.

I’ve updated your ticket Kym. Sorry for the delays. We’re a small team of just 10 people, with 2 in support, and we’re going as quickly as we can. The “in Studio” updates have created a huge response, with many questions (most customers have more than one, who’d have thought?!), and many clarifications needed. This means we’re a bit slower than usual. We’ve received a TON of requests, and we’ll only keep getting them. It does, however, look like the update process failed for you. We’re investigating why it’s happening for some people, but we’ve had nearly 100k updates without issue. For all the complaints we see, there are 1000x more cases where things went perfectly smoothly.

If anyone else has problems with the updates, please submit a ticket and allow us time to get back to you. Yes, it can take a while. We’re not going to ignore anyone, and everyone will get their FREE update. We’re going as quickly as possible.

Hi Joe,
Thanks so much.
I’ve replied to the ticket and am sorry for my impatience but once again satisfied and loving studio.

I still have a problem where I start studio and it hangs to a white screen on one of my two PC’s.
I can fix this by replacing four entries exported from the windows registry at an earlier date so will spend some time digging a little deeper when I have the time.

At a later date I may raise a ticket for this but I rarely use this machine for photo editing and it’s easy to slide over to the next PC so are not that fussed.

Thanks again to everyone.

Regards Kym and Heather.

It sounds like the issue you’re encountering is specifically this:

  • Topaz Studio opens offscreen, and the Windows thumbnail only shows a white screen. If you do manage to get the application onto your main screen, the application will be solid white

We corrected this issue in a recent update, so I’d recommend a full reinstall on the machine that still has this issue.

Will Topaz Studio be compatible with the Photoshop’s Action files?

Photoshop actions only work with Photoshop so I wouldn’t think so. There are too many people using other editors that would not be compatible …not to say you couldn’t create your own actions that may work.

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I find the whole product structure confusing. I bought Topaz Complete before the Studio came out. I got the studio, but then it does look to me that I have to purchase more to get all the options for adjustments. Now I see this offering for the Go Pro Pack. So, I need to shell out again? I’m to the point that I’m not sure what I have or what I need. Very frustrating.

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If you haven’t already, you should make sure you are logged into the Topaz Community and check for an Update. This will start a syncing process. It’s possible the problem was fixed without a notification.

Really you only need to purchase what you want to use and some plugins such as Detail, Clarity, Impressions and Simplify have already been updated and placed in Studio and the updates are still free.

If you already own the Collection or some Topaz Plugins? Click here for steps on how to redeem your free “in Studio” adjustments in Topaz Studio:

We’ve attempted to answer many common questions here:

If you have a question that isn’t there, or the answer doesn’t explain well enough, just let me know and I’ll be happy to assist further.