Potential for more default settings?

Just an idea, I tend to have a mix of landscape and portrait formats to deal with. Is there any potential for the settable defaults to be expanded? I was thinking along the lines of:

  1. A default to have the whole of the thumbnail showing in a the preview bar, rather than a cropped image;
  2. for the preview bar itself to be resizable, to enable larger previews,
  3. to set a default initial zoom for loaded images; I’d rather be able to set it to “fit” rather than 100% as I like to get the initial feel for the shot, rather than dive in looking for granularity.

Sorry if this is the wrong place, haven’t used this feature before!

You’re in the right spot!

Those are all great suggestions. Could you elaborate on what you mean with #2? I’m not sure what you’re referring to here, maybe a screenshot could help. Thanks.

Screenshot attached as suggested. 2 of the images in the bar are portrait format, but as they all fill the preview area there’s no way to tell which is which without clicking to them. I also now tend to take multiple photos (yes, digital has made me lazy; no more “I only have 36 exposures, so I’ll wait until I’m certain I’ve got a decent shot”!); being able to set a “fit to screen” default zoom, like in point 3, would give me a better feel for the scene, and whether that’s the one I want to work with.