Posting statistics

I notice that the statistics about a posting don’t appear in the posting (like “likes”, “views”) until an actual written comment is posted - was this a documented design characteristic?

I’m not seeing that Terry or maybe I don’t understand what you’re saying. Here’s an example of an image with no written comments yet but likes, views and last activity are displayed.

OK ----

Posting lists has some info - this has no replies yet so

no stats

but this one has

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What you are seeing is the number of people that have replied to that comment. It’s referred to as a post, as far as tech jargon goes, but you’re seeing the number of replies to that post, the number of users that have replied, and the number of people that have viewed that post and reply on their screen.

If no one presses the Reply button on your post, then you will not see any of that information.

Exactly my comment

Now that I’ve replied to your comment directly, the information will show up… I think? lol

Perhaps it’s reserved for only the original post in the thread. That would make sense I think. This way, you could see only replies written to the original post.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm not totally convinced

Looking at Discourse’s own forum, it’s setup the same way:

Looks like it’s by design.

@el48tel I think that there should be a disclaimer - these statistics are for entertainment purposes only, not for gambling…


“Naughty word” - was hoping to make a killing on the proceeds