Possible Workaround for tiff files into Lightroom

For some time it has been reported that tiff files out of Topaz will not successfully transfer back to Lightroom.

In my experience this is also true of Affinity Photo. Recently, some jpg files from Topaz have also been displaying the same reluctance to open in Lightroom where they hadn’t used to.

I have found that closing Lightroom (ignore metadata warnings and skip catalogue backup) then immediately reopening it forces Lightroom to accept these files. It’s weird but it seems to work.

I’d be interested to know if this works for anyone else who is having difficulty.

I have a feeling this problem is restricted to the Mac platform … I don’t have any issue on Win 10.

Let’s wait and see, Don. I’m sure some Windows users have reported the same problem in the past.

I run LR 5.7 and have used it with Topaz on Win7 in the past and Win10 now.

I used to call plugins individually and never had any issues with edited tif getting returned to LR.

Now my workflow is to call PhotoFX from LR and then call on individual plugins from there. And again, I haven’t had any problems with the final edited tif being returned from PhotoFX to LR.

However, I’d like to switch to call Studio from LR instead of PhotoFX, but Studio doesn’t return to LR.

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