Portrait Enhancement - Nice Balanced Result

Much as i don’t really like applications or plugins that enhance portraits, Luminar seems to have got it right by not destroying the structure of the skin. Sometimes, because of the location, you need a little color correction to the skin and to remove the effect of dust and harsh lighting. Luminar’s interface is dreadful though, no information in the grid display.

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nice result

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I like the Luminar 4 program for editing but I can also do the skin retouching in Affinity Photo using some macros I made. It takes a bit longer but the results are quite good. Here is the result that took about five minutes.


Yes typically i use AP as frequency separation is usually enough but normalizing the color in other than studio conditions is more difficult.

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Did you remove my posting?

Yes it had nothing to do with my thread here as DeNoise and Sharpen are not used for Portrait enhancement. You are welcome to raise another thread as I pointed out to you.

See Plugins for fine work in Affinity