Poor subject selection and I can't fix the selection

I just took advantage of the free license to Photo AI. The subject selection in the photos I have tried is so poor that it is unusable and there is no way to manually fix the mask. Refine lets me click on a spot and allow the selection engine to guess at what should selected or deselected. Since the selection engine failed in the first place it always fails when using refine. Unless there is a way to manually edit the mask, I am going to uninstall Photo AI and continue to use layer masks in Photoshop. Am I missing something?

SOMEWHERE in one of these forums I started a discussion a month or so ago about refining the subject select. I was HOPING with 1.2 they’d give me tools at LEAST as good as Sharpen AI, and preferably something similar to what I can do in Photoshop to get really good selections…

Didn’t happen. BUT, what 1.2 IS doing is selecting areas that are CLEARLY (IMO) not part of my subject, forcing me to do even MORE cleanup with the dreadful refinement tools… This is not an improvement as near as I can tell.

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A proper masking brush has been called for a number of times and it’s on the “to do” list for the development team. It’s one of the bullet points on the Roadmap Photo Roadmap Update (Feb 2023)

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I’m glad to hear that. Until then I’ll return to using Denoise AI and Sharpen AI separately so I can use the Select Subject on the Cloud feature in Photoshop. It is the best selection tool I have seen anywhere. It is even better than Mask AI, which has been my selection tool of choice for a long time.

I did a selection with affinity photo because photoshop wasn’t able to.

Photoshop can’t handle big images, even with a fast machine.

Photo AI has been improved in 1.3.X so it has a brush tool and better selection for subjects. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty adequate for sharpening now.

As far as Affinity vs Photoshop - how large an image (in dimensions or megapixels) were you trying to do a selection on?