Plugins not visable in Filters drop down menu of TS2

I searched the forum, but couldn’t find an answer to my question. I noticed from the top drop down Filters menu, there is a Plugin sub-menu. None of my Plugins (Adjust, DeNoise, Sharpen) can be selected from the menu, they are ghosted. Should I be able to select them or is this a future function? Same thing is occurring in TS2 Beta.

In the current Windows version of Studio 2 , v2.1.0, only Adjust AI, DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI show in the plugins list, and they are active only when Studio 2 is run free standing, or as a plugin to a host editor.

They are greyed out when Studio 2 is run as an external editor.

I don’t know whether there are any plans to have them work when it is run as an external editor in the future, or when/if the plugin options will be expanded to include the older Topaz plugins.

They are working Chris, make sure all your TS apps are up-to-date. This may be a dumb question but did you have an image or was the window blank?

I haven’t been keeping up with this forum over the last couple of months, but my understanding (as we were told back when TS 2 was first released) is that the older plugins (B&W Effects, Clean, etc) were supposed be supported by and accessible within TS 2 … has this changed?

Short answer is I have no idea.
The last time I viewed the roadmap, it just mentioned plugin support, it didn’t specify what level of support that would be, or when.

Ricci, Thanks for the reply. I see the Plugins when I use TS2 as a standalone, but I don’t when I export from Lightroom, and Lightroom is the first step in my workflow with RAW files. Kind of a bummer, I hope this is addressed in future versions.

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Thanks Greyfox, I use TS2 as an external editor from Lightroom, and as you mentioned TS2 doesn’t currently support that. I checked to see if the Plugins are visible when I use TS2 as a standalone, and they are working just fine that way. Thanks for clearing this up for me… I hope this is addressed in later versions of TS2.

The AI apps are supposed to work when Studio is used as a plug-in but they only do so in some hosts (PS, Affinity and PSP for me) but not in others (LR, ON1 and ACDSee). The devs were unaware of this until a couple of days ago but they’ve now identified a fix and hopefully it will be in the next release.

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That’s awesome news! I’m glad it’s going to get fixed soon.