Plugins for DeNoise and Sharpen no longer in Photoshop on Win 10

I own DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI and Studio and, after the last updates to the products and/or Windows 10 and/or Photoshop, none of these now appear as Plugins in Photoshop. I’ve reinstalled all the Topaz products, but have had no luck. Can someone provide instructions for how to get these to appear again as Plugins? Thanks.

Open the Help menu and select Reinstall Photoshop Plugins.

Thank you. That worked.

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When I try the same on Mac Big Sur 11.6 noting happens after clicking Reinstall Photoshop Plugins.
When I look in the Topaz Labs LLC folder there is nothing from DeNoise there!
Try to get Denoise back in Affinity Photo. Topaz apps are all latest version.


Found the solution!
Reinstall Photoshop Plugins doesn’t work on Mac, but just adding the DeNoise app to the plugins does the job.

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