Plug-ins from Studio 1

Just wondering if the plug-ins from Studio one are ever gonna be put into Studio 2. Like, In Focus, Detail, etc. They’re missing in 2. Also, is there gonna be a link in the Plug-ins pull down menu for Mask AI just like there is for the three that are already in there? Would be nice if all the Topaz plug-ins were accessible from Studio.

I’m not sure whether there is a later version of the Studio 2 roadmap than the one linked to below, and if there is, perhaps someone could provide a link to it (maybe even make it a sticky), but in the linked version, Plugin Support is shown as not completed.

I’m not aware of any specific time frame for the the outstanding items, or exactly what would be included in them…

If you want plugins, get the old Studio 1 version, and then add the plugins.

Download here (you must already have bought the plugins for to use them!)

The Studio roadmap is here: Topaz Labs Learning Center

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I don’t see any mention of extending the plugin support to cover the classic Topaz Plugins that Studio 1 supports, or any mention of what is intended in the way of RAW support in this roadmap. Am I missing something?

Most the plugins will either be made over, or entirely incorporated into Studio, such as Glow, Impression, Simplify etc

That would appear to be a significant departure from what we were told back in August.
On August 29, 2019 Ben Balmaceda in responding to a support ticket said

"We’re aware of Studio 2 not opening the right plug-ins and we’re actively working to get that fixed! We’re also working on getting the rest of our plug-ins working in Studio 2 as well, the AI apps there now are just the start!

Can some of the presets found in Studio (such as Impressions, Georgia O’keeffe) be transferred for us in Studio 2? It seems like I have to bounce around to use the tools I like.

I hope they manage to integrate the old plugins soon. I much prefer using them than to using the newer corresponding adjustments. The thing I am most worried about is not compatibility with Topaz Studio 2 (because I can still use them with the original Topaz Studio or with Photoshop), but whether Topazlabs will continue to support their activation. One of my favorite plugins (Photo Frame) from On1 became obsolete when On1 transferred to a new software activation service, so even though I still had the software, I couldn’t activate it or use it any more.

I am saving all Studio 1 presets as favourites. Then I can pick and choose which ones to use in TS2. If you have them all open on the TS2 desktop at one and the same time, TS2 takes a month-of-Sundays to open!