Plug In disappears when updating. Only available as a Stand Alone

Plug In bounces back and forth when updating. Next time I get it as a plug in instead of a Stand Alone I will not be updating again…

Maybe give a little information for support. such as:

1: what version of Photo AI are you talking about?
2: as a plugin to what application?
3: How do you open and add an image to Photo AI? And,
4: what OS are you on?

Note that Photo AI comes as both a plugin and Standalone, so when you install it WILL install as a standalone and a plugin for various hosts such as LR, C1, PS, Affinity Photo etc., etc.

Using he latest Version of Topaz AI. Images opened in Photoshop. Plug in not opening in Photoshop randomly. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. Usually doesn’t. The Filters in Photoshop have the Plug Ins with the other Topaz Filters. Windows 11 up to date. It always opens as a Standalone.

Still need DxDiag report and Logs from Photo AI uploaded here.

Next time the plugin does not work when you use Topaz Photo AI, please open Topaz Photo AI, go to the menu bar on the top and click the Help > Open Log Folder menu option.

Attach the Filter Plugin Log file to your reply so I can check what is happening in the log.

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