Please stop calling upgrades "Free"

I don’t mind paying for the upgrade plans, but I seriously mind regularly being told updates are “Free”. I literally paid for these updates. If you want to call them free, make them free. If not, just let me know I have a new update available under my plan. Don’t patronize your customers.


Isn’t it “1 year free updates”? Then after 1 year, you need to pay for another year to get new updates. Each update period is about ½ month. So you have around 24-25 updates a year. That’s good enough. Free for 1 year is still free. Use dictionary next time.

The first year was free updates, but I am not in my first year anymore and I PAID for a new year of updates. There is nothing free about my updates at this point. Don’t tell me to use a dictionary when you have no idea what you’re talking about. Why did you even bother replying if you didn’t want to fully read the initial post?

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Proof or it didn’t happen.

Even the first year was not “free”. You simply had a one year subscription included within the original price.


Can I suggest if you have an issue you send it directly to Topaz and don’t aim it at other users who are the main contributors to this forum.