Please reinstate the File Menu . .

. . . or a derivative of it, when Topaz Studio 2 is used as a plugin (I doubt we’d need the Open or Open Recent options). I have Adobe Bridge set up so that I can double click any image file and Studio 2 opens with that file ready for editing. Without the File menu option however I cannot save my edits as a project and return to it later, nor can I export the image as is, then continue refining it.


Since I don’t have Adobe products ( I use Capture One Pro) I do need and use the Open command. Thanks


I agree with @sjssjs. While many people use Adobe there also others who do not, or who are using TS as a standalone

DeNoise AIv2.0.0 ’ File’ open images drops into explorer to show the available pics on file.
However I do have raw files that won’t show up in explorer so I would like to see an option in the Files heading to select a program which I use to select my pics.
Version 2.0.1 then thanks.

Hi, I know this problem as Windows file explorer does not support (newer) .CR2 Raw files (in my case). Instead of file explorer I use Fast Stone image viewer (free for private use). This is a fast image browser which displays thumbnails of my raw files. You can right click on an image thumbnail and choose ‘edit with external program’. You can add any program in there e.g. Affinity, Topaz programs etc. Here is the weblink to Fast Stone: . Many file types are supported. Hope this is helpful