Please give us Gigapixel AI v6.3.4 with the old interface of v6.3.3 plus just the 2 new AI models

I know it’s probably not as simple as my suggestion may seem, but if possible and for the time being until all the various issues with version 7 (and up) are properly fixed, it would be great to have an updated Gigapixel 6 version based on 6.3.3 with all the old things, but just the two new AI models (Standard v2 and High Fidelity v2) included.

Even if it may then officially only be an untested “6.3.4 beta” version.
It appears that it would really be extremely useful to have a (just slightly updated) version of Gigapixel AI 6.3.3 with all of the old interface plus nothing else other than just the two new AI models included for the time being.
If it’s not too much work to put together a ‘beta’ 6.3.4 version with those two new models included I’m pretty sure that for the time being such a Gigapixel AI version may be able to resolve the numerous problems a lot of people here who are not at all happy with version 7 and up have.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide this version of Gigapixel as we had to make a major codebase change in order to provide the updated models.