Please fix AVS frameserver input

Pretty please, with sugar and a cherry on top?

I’m fully aware of the licensing issues with ffmpeg and avs input, and I (and others) have pointed out before how it isn’t necessary to have direct ffmpeg input. There are tons of free tools that will pipe avs scripts into ffmpeg as raw YUV or RGB video signposts. I know it can be done because I’ve done it with avs2pipemod. It’s really not that hard in principle, but it is, however, a colossal pain in the ass to have to set up each input manually from the command line and make sure all the environment variables are set, figure out all the video attributes, etc. It’s honestly less time consuming to just deal with hundreds of gigabytes of intermediate files, which is what I’ve been doing.

But if you insist on direct ffmpeg support being the only way, you could at least provide patched source code for ffmpeg with avs support without violating the license. Then people like me could build it locally and get what we need.

This is a major quality of life issue for a lot of people that honestly makes the product not very attractive for professional use because it’s so clunky and wasteful. If you want a professional user base, you have to fix the things that professionals need. At some point, some developer is going to be willing to put a little effort into this and you guys are going to get caught with your pants down like Adobe has.

Are you a professional user or hobby user ?

I own a small company that restores vintage TV shows and movies for release on home media and streaming. It’s not a big company, but I think that qualifies me as a pro.