Please do not update to Big Sur Mac OS


I was wondering on what is the state of M1 chip support for Topaz software?

I installed Sharpen and Denoise on my M1 macbook, and compared Sharpen performance with 2 other macs using the same test .TIF file.

While on MM i7 2018 it took 4.01 minutes to complete, MacBook i5 2018 completed the task in around 7 minutes but M1 Pro really lagged behind with 10+ minutes (GPU enabled by default). I think that only CPU mode was even more slow.

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I’m in the same boat. Wondering if there is an ETA on updating Adjust AI and J2R.


Here are what works and what doesn’t on my new iMac with Big Sur:

WORK FINE: Clarity, Details, Denoise 6 and Denoise AI

Adjust AI won’t open
Adjust 5.1.0 opens and runs but won’t save
BW Effects 2 opens and runs but won’t save
Topaz Studio 2 won’t open
Adjust AI won’t open

This is a lot of updating for Topaz. I hope they fix these soon. They are my go to apps.

I’m disappointed to lose Adjust AI in particular. I had been using that on a variety of different pictures, and have gotten some welcome positive feedback from people who have seen them. Honestly, I’m disappointed that Topaz is not more ready for Big Sur and can’t or won’t give an ETA for a fix to bring the AI product line current for products where it is not. I have other tools–Affinity Photo & Affinity Design–where the vendor released product versionsthat are Big Sur compliant well before Big Sur was released. Topaz is a member of the Apple Developer program and so has had plenty of opportunity to test against Big Sur’s various betas and either get the Topaz code aligned with Big Sur or proactively communicate to its licensed users which products were not ready. A notice on the Topaz support site saying ‘don’t update to Big Sur’ with no email outreach is not my idea of how this should have been handled.

Given the ongoing payments we make to Topaz to keep receiving development updates to our licensed product, I think we should be receiving better service.


As an app developer myself, I understand the complexity of updating software to support a new operating system. But Apple, in particular, has a solid developer support model in place which gives application developers early access to new releases for exactly this purpose.

It appears to me that J2R and Adjust AI are written perhaps using an older framework, as all of the other apps seem to have been updated rather quickly and seem to have a different installer method. I expect it is more difficult, for some reason, to update J2R and Adjust AI. Perhaps they are using a third-party developer. In any case, it seems that testing on Big Sur while in beta did not effectively occur.

Also with J2R and Adjust AI, it appears that future updates for those apps are “free” as it is not listed as part of the annual subscription (yet). Perhaps this is exactly why - because the development/updates on those older frameworks are more complex and take more time.

You shouldn’t have to bother about things like this as a user! Unfortunately Topaz Labs has a endless history of bad communication and slow development of the software.

They always come up with a excuse for not having done what every other software company does. Or just say don’t update to Big Sur on the website, without sending out a personal mail.

The development of Adjust seems to have stopped a long time ago. Strange that Sharpen AI, Denoise AI and Gigapixel AI need a update every 10 day’s and Adjust AI doesn’t need any AI neural network results updating? To my taste Adjust is a unfinished product that gives over saturated results and I prefer the classic Adjust that I still have.

That is a load of rubbish as other companies such as C1 etc. are also having issues with Big Sur, there is another Beta of big sur being prepared 14 days after the official release.

There has always been a problem with OS updates and software and that will never be rectified unless the OS releases are 100% perfect and software developers have been given the perfect rereleases for a period of time before the OS update is released. Windows and Apple have provided less than stable OS releases for a long. long time.

Many corporate IT departments restrict their users from updating their devices for months (or even years for government systems) to ensure that the changes are stable first.

Very strong language for a moderator! I used Capture One this whole week without any problem! Capture One 21 is on his way too and I’m not allowed to show you the Beta of 21 but it works. So before calling something rubbish take a deep breath!!! Adjust Ai was not updated for ages and you know that as well!

Have a nice day too!

It really doesn’t matter the fact is that they say do not update as many other companies that are experiencing problems are doing:

The reason for the so called “strong language” is simply because your accusations are totally unfounded. How do you know what Topaz Labs is doing about optimizing their applications to work on Big Sur? How do you know what the external component owners are doing to update support to Big Sur?

The fact that Adjust Ai doesn’t function in Big Sur is because there haven’t be updates for almost 11/2 year.
The promise was that the neural network was making the apps smarter and better all the time, but unfortunately that didn’t work out for Adjust Ai that was not developed anymore.

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They have already said it and JPEG to RAW need updating.

I would also suggest that the reason it doesn’t run on big sur is that it wasn’t designed to and the components need to be updated as they don’t run on big sur. No one updates apps for the sake of updating if they are working.

It seems to be taking quite a while to get out compatibility updates for Big Sur. Is there a particular reason for this?

That said, whenever I start Studio 2 I get. a message that there is an update, but none is found. I’ve taken to just answering “No,” when asked if I want to update. Is this a “compatibility” issue?


Does Topaz Adjust work with Big Sur? Thanks.

If it is Adjust (Legacy) that is unknown and you will have to check yourself. If it is Adjust AI it has not been updated to work with Big Sur.

Whenever I tried to update a Topaz product (Big Sur). The online installer would crash my entire system. I opened a ticket but haven’t gotten a reply. My troubleshooting led me to Norton as a potential culprit. I uninstalled it, rebooted and the update process completes without a problem. Wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this or did I just have a corrupted Norton install (before I reinstall it)…

Just installed Big Sur macOS on my iMac. Tested standalones for Topaz Apps.

  1. JPEG to RAW AI will not start. I reported this as a bug to Topaz Support.

  2. Topaz Adjust AI will not start, and it will not run as a plugin in Affinity Photo. (I have not reported this yet but will).

  3. Topaz Studio 2 auto updater gives a false report of available update. To get it to run, you have to dismiss the update popup.

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For all having issues another user has identified conflicts with Intego Software in this thread:

I have been a fanboy of Topaz plugins for many years and have finally configured my workflow to include the new AI apps into my photography processing workflow. But I am a bit disappointed that Topaz Labs has not stayed on top of Apple’s move to Big Sur. I waited long enough to convert.

Having paid for the software, I’ll continue to bug support with bug reports. :smile:

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Unfortunately, life does not revolve around Topaz. I have many good apps that run perfectly well under Big Sur, if Topaz do not want you to install it then it is up to them but they run the risk of falling behind the rest. All the legacy products I’ve tested work OK, though, so it seems it’s just the AI stuff that is not compatible. My advice would be to go ahead and install then wait for Topaz to catch up with the rest of the world.