Please do not update to Big Sur Mac OS (Adjust AI & JPEG to RAW only)

Thanks for the reference - I’m sure you are working on this issue. This is just to let you know that Denoise, Gigapixel, Mask and Sharpen are working fine (Mac Mini 3 GHz 6-Core i5 2018 and iMac 2019).


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I recently have a new imac running on Big Sur and I have crashes every time when trying to use Mask v1.2.
In the same way, I try to do a software update and the system crashes too
What should I do to remedy these problems? Thank you

Slo but sur.

I have the Utility Bundle, Studio 2 and Adjust AI, and recently replaced a MacBook Pro with an Apple Silicone (M1) MacBook Air using Big Sur. Here’s what I found thus far:

Functional, maybe a few hiccups: Studio 2, Denoise AI, Gigapixel AI

Installs, but fails to open: Sharpen AI

Will not install: JPEG to RAW, Adjust AI

Eagerly awaiting M1 support. Sharpen is amazing but very slow

Cant get Topaz Studio 2 to open. OS Big Sur. Anyone else having this problem?

See the title and OP of this topic.

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It’s almost 2 months since Big Sur was introduced and the support from Topaz is abysmal.

Both Jpeg to Raw and Adjust Ai will not open on Big Sur!!!

These products should not be sold if they are unable to run on the current Mac OS


I’ve just bought JPEG to RAW software and I’m shocked that any company is selling software knowing it will not run on Big Sur (Topaz aren’t the only ones).

Even worse is the fact that it is over 2 months and there is no fix, but still they sell it without any warning that a customer will have to wait for a fix.



JPEG to RAW is not subject to update costs.

I believe there is an app on GitHub called Retroactive and by using it you may be able to run Adjust AI and JPEG to RAW in the interim.

As a Mac user, I’ll give it a try and report back. Providing I can get a trial of one or other of the Topaz apps.

Retroactive does NOT work with third party apps in Big Sur. Only the legacy Apple apps: iTunes, Aperture and iPhoto.

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Thanks for testing there is also another option I have seen others use on other forums called Rosetta 2 but I am not sure if that is only for the new Apple chips.

Rosetta 2 only works with the M1 chip. So for anyone running Big Sur on an Intel chip, like me, accessing Topaz apps that haven’t been updated is not an option.

Thank you.

Hi when will Adjust AI be fixed? I migrated to Big Sur and Gigapixel and Sharpen seem OK but Adjust is broken. Not tried others as yet… Big Sur has been out a while now…

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Just raise a support request at the main website as they will be able to give an answer, this is a user to user forum.

Seldomly read so much discrepancy in one post…

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Just tested this on my Mac Pro, Topaz Studio 2 works but other apps remains to be a problem.

It has been almost two months, longer if you count Big Sur beta release . Why they can’t fix a simple program crash issue?

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