Please choose your favorite

(Michigander) #1

Which of these two images do you prefer? Thanks!

(Flick) #2

I go for the second one - very nice semi-abstract background to that great old barn

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(Larry) #3

Second one!

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(Jan Štrobl) #4

Hard choice … maybe another.

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(mjccolorado) #5

one its beautiful

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(Jack) #6

The bottom one is amazing!!!

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(blaZestar) #7

1st just for scenic view. 2nd as an art. Both are beautiful and has their own charm.

(BobKramer) #8

Top one for me …

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(Mond) #9

I’d go for numero 2

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(Kathy Rodgers) #10

The first one for me.

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(Linda) #11

I would choose the top one if there could be a better transition between the trees and the sky. Lovely setting.

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(Peter) #12

Clearly no. 1 for me.
Nice shot

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(Michigander) #13

You give me a reason to play some more - -

(Rob) #14

OK #3!

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First one. The second one looks like two very different technique blended together.

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(Sharon) #16

don’t make me decide all are wonderful

(Jan Štrobl) #17

So this one I like most.

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(Michael_Andre) #18

I prefer #1

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(Linda) #19

I like this version of the painted look much more. But if you are in the mood to play more, I would still like to see the top one with a less-obvious transition from the tree tops into the sky. I love the more delicate icy look on that one :slight_smile:

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(tennie) #20

Beautiful…for me it’s the 1st, 2nd and 3rd!!! Really like them all.

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