Please bring back correction for motion blur

Pleaase bring back motion blur correction.

The motion blur model is still within the Sharpen filter. Simply click open the filter when it’s activated and motion blur is the last model.

Thank you Tim. Appreciate your quick response.
I will check.
Is it possible to edit J[example files without the resultant files being reduced ion size? Sometimes it is reduced by almost 50%.

Another issue: Can I edit several files at a time using auto pilot but I want the resultant files to be named differently. Presently when I edit 2-3 files together, all of them will have the same filename

Im new with Photo AI so I might be asking many questions as I go along learning the software.

Thank you.


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What file type is your original file and what file type is the export? The file reduction is expected for some file types.

Also, the file name is based on the original file’s names. You can adjust the naming settings in the export settings once you hit “Save Images”

Thank you Tim. The Jpeg files are reduced in size.

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By default, Topaz Photo AI saves JPG files at 95% quality, which is the highest quality that does not introduce artifacts. It’s the most space and quality efficient way to save JPG.

My team has done research on JPG quality to reach this conclusion. Even 95% will have significant file size reduction compared to 100%.

You can increase the quality to 100% by clicking Save > Export Settings > Format > JPEG and increasing the slider to 100.

Thank you Tim


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