Please Allow us to Rename Folders in Studio Texture Manager

Is it possible to get to the folder where Texture Manager is to change around some textures I imported from one category to a different category? If so, where is it in Windows?


If you are talking about Topaz Studio the textures are noted in the database.

To change the category you would need to delete the textures & categories using the Textures Adjustment and open the Texture/Category Manager and then create another category and reimport.

NOTE: If you have any effects (i.e. Presets) using those Textures they will be removed also.

Thanks Don,

I was hoping there would be folders in Windows with files that could be accessed, but it sounds like there aren’t any. It would be really nice if there was some way within Studio to be able to change or rename categories I have created without having anything deleted.


Do you mean the …\Topaz Studio\tgrc folder? That’s where most everything ends up, even custom added items. It all gets renamed & compressed by TS but if you’ve an image manager such as ACDSee, it’s pretty easy to sort through. Don’t know about the rest of what you wish to do regarding changing catagories though. Doing that within the UI is probably going to be the easiest/quickest perhaps only way in the long run.

I shall shift this to “Product Feature Requests” in order to prompt to be able to rename folders, but despite what Mark said in the previous post … DO NOT attempt to change, rename or move any of the images in the tgrc folder as it is database catalogued.

If you do you will need to reset the database through the Help menu.

Thanks Don,

I haven’t and won’t do anything to the tgrc folder. Thanks for the warning, and also for shfting my request to where it might get some results.


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