Please add custom output bitrate

Please i beg you to add a custom output bitrate for mp4 h264 vids, since the default bitrate is way above the limit that makes a difference in image quality this makes the file larger and rendering taking way more time than it should.
Make the custom option where you can digit the value you want from at least 1.000 to 100.000.

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Please no all capitals and the correct section to post in is the Video Enhance AI Discussion, not the Showoff Spot/ Video Enhance AI section.

The output is CRF, not constant bitrate, which is much better in staying at the same quality level. Only for fixed bitrate usecases you need the bitrate mode.

I wish the software explained better what CRF was - I never heard of it before and have no idea what to change it to beyond the default of 17. Range appears to be 0 to 35. Is 0 or 35 more compressed or less?

I don´t want to be that guy or sound rude… But:

google: “x264 crf”…

Seriously… Of course, we could expect VEAI to explain everything, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. If something that easy, that is explained for decades in millions of FAQs, Manuals, Readmes, etc… has to be explained - what else will we expect? “what is a file” ? “what does MP4 stand for” ? “What is Prores…”. I am a total fan of “user friendlyness”, but 1 minute of reading and googling isn´t too much to ask in my oppinion.

to answer your question:

the lower CRF, the better the quality, the bigger the file. CRF = 0 = losless. 17 is a good starting point, that´s why its chosen.