Please add an option to throttle the CPU usage

Topaz is fantastic, but it often crashes or chokes my computer because it takes ALL of the CPU. I can’t run anything else while it processes images, and I have a top of the line machine with a 3070. Please add the ability to set a % of CPU that it’s allowed to use (and maybe RAM too). I’ve had it completely hang my computer several times when doing complex operations (like batch processing), and sometimes it hangs even when just doing 1 image.

Please be aware of an issue with Intels latest 13th and 14th generation of CPU’s which they already confirmed:

As an easy temporary workaround limit the clock speed of the performance cores in case of an 13900K CPU to 5,3 Ghz to stabilize it.

Good to know but I have an AMD Ryzen 9 :frowning: