Please add a PAUSE feature. I know it's a popular request. Add me to the vote count

Just started using 3.03 and love it for the upscale of my old home videos. 30 minute clips take 1.5 days. I want it to run overnight, but be able to use the computer during the day. Seems like a no-brainer to add.

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You can use this workaround to pause and resume the rendering. (Windows)

  1. Go to resource monitor
  2. Suspend Topaz Video Ai.exe and then ffmpeg.exe and wait til your hardware is deloaded.
  3. Resume the two processes in same order then ready to continue.

I created desktop shortcuts for this by using microsofts free PStools and this batch script from github:

@echo off
rem ================================================================
rem To suspend a process, use the following command:
rem suspend.cmd
rem ===========================
rem To resume a process, use the following command:
rem suspend.cmd resume
rem ================================================================

rem Process to suspend or resume
set var=“Topaz Video AI.exe” “ffmpeg.exe”
set maxAttempt=5

if [%1]== (
set params=
set action=Suspend
) else (
set params=-r
set action=Resume

echo ================================================================
echo %action%% mode
echo ================================================================

for %%i in (%var%) do (
set attempt=0
set process==“%%~i”
call :Process !process!


set processName=%~1
set /A attempt+=1

if "!attempt!" GTR "%maxAttempt%" (
    echo Max attempts reached ^(%maxAttempt%^)^^!
) else (
    echo Attempt n !attempt! to find "!processName!" ...
    C:\Windows\System32\timeout.exe 5 /NoBreak>Nul
    QProcess "!processName!">Nul 2>&1||GoTo :Process
    pssuspend64.exe %params% -nobanner "!processName!"

Even the standby mode should work while the processes are suspended.

I very much appreciate you sharing this. But I’m not sure how PStools and the script are related. Can you just share your actual shortcut files?


I just extracted the PSTools in a folder “PSTools” on my desktop.
The script posted above named “suspend.cmd” has to be in this folder.
That is because the scrypt is using pssuspend64.exe from the tools, which is pretty much the same
as suspending via the resource monitor.

Then i created this shortcuts:

For suspending:

For resuming:
C:\Users\Sven\Desktop\PSTools\suspend.cmd -resume

I attach the whole thing to this reply.

pause and (4.1 MB)

Thanks so much!!

Next time use the VEAI Feature Requests topic so you can vote, don’t forget to vote now.

When u use the command line instead of the UI to perform the export, u can pause the Windows shell (where the export is running) with a simple mouse click and resume with return key:

To use the command line,

  • Use the ‘copy export command’ (from main menu)
  • open command line from Topaz (from main menu)
  • optional: paste the command into text editor and remove the -nostats part of the command
  • paste the export command and press return → export starts