Please ad the stdandard 8K resolution

8k = 7680 x 4320

8k = 8192 x 4320 . 4k = 4096 x 2160. Uhdtv2 = 7680 x 2160 and uhdtv1 = 3840x2160

8k = 7680 x 4320, This is 16x9, the standard for TVs.

Manufacturers give wrong names. 3840 = uhd. 4096 = 4k (cinema standard) only this standard is called 4k because there are more than 4000 lines. 3840 is less than 4000 lines so it’s uhd and not 4k. In the world of video it is like that. Afterwards of course your TV will have the name 4k uhd, but it’s not the real 4k which is at 4096. :slight_smile: basically it’s all a matter of name. But even our smartphones use the term 4k for 3840 x 2160 :frowning:

What does all this have to do with the simple request asking for a 16 x 9 -8K Standard preset,
I am asking to either add this preset, or fix the lock scale function.
Not a big deal just a request.

I know well, it’s a request like any other probably useful for a lot of people, but I just wanted to explain the standard 8k, 4k etc… when I see 4k uhd it makes me laugh because uhd is different from 4k, everything simply :slight_smile:

Thanks, yes, I know the difference I’ve been doing this for 20 years. There is consumer 4K 8K and there is professional or cinema 4K and 8K. They are different, but they are still broadly labeled as 4K and 8K and the difference between them is pretty much indistinguishable.

it is true that the two standards are very close in definition but we can see the difference in the aspect ratio and it is obviously more logical that we use uhd in our software and in our videos because our tv and pc screens are in the uhd standard in general

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 9.36.54

I see it. Don’t you?

In any case, arguing over whether it’s “8K” or “UHD 8K” isn’t terribly helpful. It’s a standard size. The topic is about whether it’s on the list or not.

I think it’s useful precisely, we would say that many people do not make the difference between these standards. and yes it seemed to me to have read it on the list too so the question is “why doesn’t mark see it?”

I was calculating incorrectly,

What I wanted was 7680x3840, preserving the aspect ratio of the original video. So with Lock Aspect Ratio on it was showing 7680x4320.

I just tried it again and I clicked the 4320 and it changed to 3840, maybe an interface glitch but at lease Lock Aspect Ratio seems to work.

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