Playing with camera flash...Topaz Studio

Playing with MagMod modifiers…used four 12.5 % grids to get this shot in camera. Processed it solely in Topaz Studio in the simplest of workflows. Comments and critiques welcome. The more I use Topaz Studio with the Pro Pack the more I am finding new expressions. The technology behind this software is astounding.


Nice work …

very nice

This came out very well.

now — that has style

I love it…a keeper for sure

Very beautiful flower and very nice, interesting flash technique.

Great lighting. Still some faint detail in the underlying leaves I like.

Lovely work …

Thank you all for your very positive feedback. I am truly honored.

This image was my first post on a Topaz board. I have used many of Topaz plugins over time but this is the first that is solely a stem to stern a post production in Topaz Studio. I am slowly becoming quite a fan of this software.

I look forward to sharing and learning from you and your work.

Thanks again.

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