Playing my guitar

Updated song with automation for the guitar volume (12-8-2020)
I figured out how to record my guitar along with a song using my DAW. This isn’t the highest quality but listenable. The song is Whatever it Takes (one of my favorite). You can hear my guitar both chords and lead. It’s my Line 6 JTV 69F guitar going through a Boss GT-1 effects processor.

To play the song download and change the file type to mp3 (instead of txt).
Whatever it takes RL.txt (4.9 MB)

I’m adding one more, Who’ll Stop the Rain:
Who’lll Stop the Rain RL.txt (3.6 MB)

Here is a picture of me with my Schecter KM-6 since I don’t have one with the Line 6.


Most enjoyable, thanks for sharing!