Place things in front of something using MaskAI

OK. Say I want to put a moon into a sky in a scene. Easy. leave the sky green.Use the Mask tool to place a circle the size of the future “moon” Punch a hole in the sky with the Cut brush. Load in the required moon and Transform it to size and place. Moon.

But what if I want to allow the clouds that should cover the moon a bit to still cover it?

I can think of a few ways, but until I try them I was wondering if there is a more accurate, quick way.

Thanks for any help…


The easiest way to do what you want to do is using a pixel editor such as Affinity Photo, or Gimp or PS, and use blending modes.

Mask AI is a masking tool that allows you to replace backgrounds.

OK. Thanks for that. That’s a shame. It is so good at masking and makes it very easy.

I have done some really good “moon placement” type stuff in PSP, but it can get complex.

Anyway, horses for courses.


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