Pizza in Munich

I was just trying to take a photo of the pizzas, when he smiled and literally jumped into the photo! I guess you will have to trust me about the smile part :smile:

Processed with just a little Topaz Adjust



Looks as good as those pizzas …nice work.

LOL!! Photo-bombed by the pizza guy. :grinning:

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Funny and I agree with Kathy. The processing enhanced everything in the image very nicely.
As far as the smile part?.. I don’t know, he looks more angry and with the fist and phone I think he’s calling the cops? :grin: Was the pizza good?

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cool ---- and funny too

great enhancement of the image

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @BobKramer, @Kathy_9, @cre8art, @el48tel, and @ShazzyCo, they are very encouraging.

We did not stop to eat, but the pizzas did smell good :smile:

your processing made the pizza look very edible, and there is not much to do with a German smile :confused:

typical Bavarian food :wink:

I think this explains his reaction/pose?.. you wanna take a pic, but not eat my pizza? :angry:

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Thank you for the nice comments, @FlickColeman, @Laundromat and @cre8art!

I did see some people in Germany smiling, and I am still convinced he was kidding…

I did get some nice shots of more typical European food on the trip… :smile:

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I’m sure he was too, looking forward to seeing more of your images.