PixelShift development app

I’m currently using Olympus PenF and Sony A7R IV cameras. These cameras have ability to create high resolution images through use of pixel shift technology. Olympus is using build-in hardware/software to render final RAW image. Results from Olympus was\is mostly acceptable. Sony offering other approach. During capture Sony camera create and saves 4/16 images which later could be render into one hires image through use of stand alone app. Results of this process mostly unsatisfactory. It looks like Sony software not utilizing all information available in RAW files to correct artifacts and create final image. I think it will be beneficial for developers and users if software which can address this problem will be developed.


Recently I was in the IMAX cinema in Poland to see the movie “Tenet” because I am interested in the problem of entropy and how it influences human aging. Besides, director Christoper Nolan has always made extraordinary and unusual films and he recommended his film to be seen in the IMAX standard.

Screen projection uses a similar idea to increase 2x the horizontal resolution. You have two 2K ​​projectors that project an image shifted by 0.5 pixels. As a result, we get 4K level (almost) which increases the realism. It looks as if you are looking out the window and not at the screen.

However, the digital Imax is only 1/10 of what the real Imax Dome (analog, with 70mm tape) I saw in France, in Paris next to the Porte de la Vilette metro station. There, the image is projected on the hemisphere, so it surrounds you on all sides. This is real cinema.

So if you have a choice, always watch movies on the Imax Dome system instead of Imax Digital.

Lech Balcerzak