Photoshop's automate panorama

Longford Castle - taken in three shots. I hadn’t realised that this would give me ‘two’ daughters!

Longford Castle was built during the time of Elizabeth 1st and then extensively extended in Victorian times. It is a private residence and tours are only of the Art works.


Looks impressive. Hope the ‘twins’ enjoyed it!


‘They’ did , thank you Ray.

Nicely put together …

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Thank you Bob

Great shot - pity about the tour bus - looks a little out of era

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Excellent capture and panorama, I really like the image a lot!

I think that there is enough symmetry in the image to clone out the bus and your “second” daughter if you want to. :wink:

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Thank you Terry and Ken. Ken - I am not good at cloning - always manage to get the ‘repitition’ pattern. I think, as this is a private residence the tour bus cannot park anywhere but outside the Windows which are ‘not in use’ by the family. Although the tour is only of the Art, and numbers are strictly limited, people are not allowed to go in their own cars. There is a meeting point from which everyone is collected and returned. So I think that to some extent we are ‘under sufferance’. None of which explains me cloning out the bus - just think it would probably be very noticeable. But I might have a go just to see how it turns out. I did remove quite a lot of folk!

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Nice work.

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@AngieD there’s plenty of repetition in the image so cloning should be relatively easy - or so I’m told

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Thanks Terry - I will explore but it will be the shadows I think that will defeat me - but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Well there it is - not sure it is all accurate - the shadows were a problem but hopefully I have got them sort of in the right place.


Nice job!

Your next challenge - should you choose to accept it - is to take out the tyre tracks in the gravel. That should be easy in comparison to the amazingly good job you made of the bus and the tourists

Thanks Ken - and Terry - the tyre tracks are from the ghosts of past tour buses!! Like all ghostly things they will just return.:smiling_imp:

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