Photoshop Plugins, and Filters organization

In PS 2020 I have three Plugin Listings. Topaz Lab, Topaz Studio, Topaz Studio 2. How to I combine them in one main listing, and I know that I have purchased a Topaz AI program that is not in any of the plugin listings and I also would like all my AI Topaz Plugins to be together. It’s chaos trying to find anything. Even when I go to Studio 2, not everything is listed in any of their 4 groups of filters. It’s actually crazy that they have not fixed this. I am a long time user and every time they come up with a new item, there is no organization from recent items to their prior plugins. Actually the only listing in PS should be Studio 2 and everything I previously bought from Topaz should be there in the filters.

Topaz have been plagued by loss of personal and customised data during updates. They are loathe to place all of their products in one folder just yet. Also, earlier versions which work well have been too often superceded by ‘broken’ versions. Again separate folders seems to be an attempt to ensure that you have at least one working version of each plugin.

But that’s just me :wink: