Photoshop not seeing Topaz Photo AI Plugin; says it is not installed

Photoshop not seeing Topaz Photo AI Plugin; says it is not installed. Using new iMac M1, latest OS
Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. open photo in PS 2023
  2. Filters> (just installed) Sharpen AI and Denoise AI show and work. Clicking Photo AI gets message that it is not installed “Error: Topaz Photo AI is not installed.”
  3. Did re-install Photo AI, restarted iMac, multiple times.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Hi, I might be wrong but, this might be worth a try so, here’s a handy YouTube video from TopazLabs about using GigPixel as a Photoshop plugin and a problem you may encounter if you’re using an Apple M1 Computer
I don’t own an Apple computer myself however, once again this may also work for Topaz Photo AI

Hope this helps

Thanks Andrew, but I’m still getting “Error: Topaz Photo AI is not installed.” BTW, the Gigapixel IS working under Automate> Gigapixel AI. Have re-installed, re-started multiple times. This is the first time that I’ve had any issue with any Topaz product - and they’re ALL great!

Photoshop not listing Topaz Photo AI as a plugin and can only access it through Stand alone.
With each new update this changes, seems random, sometimes it is there other times not there. Photoshop is closed when downloading the update and the computer is restarted.
Also, through the Stand Alone Photoshop Bit depth is 16 bits rather than 8 bits as with the Plug In.
Windows 11

Thanks Very Much! I was beginning to doubt my sanity on this issue! Again, WORKING as a Filter plugin: Denoise AI and Sharpen AI; working through Automate: Gigapixel AI. And NOT working as a Filter plugin: Photo AI and Mask AI.


Did you happen to move the Topaz Photo AI application from the original installation location? If you did, then the application will not be found when you try to use the plugin.

Could you try moving it back to the original location and let me know if the plugin works after doing this?

This is odd behavior. If the application is located in the same place, I would expect the plugin not to change. From the information so far, I’m not sure why this would happen and haven’t heard other reports of this.

While it’s recommended to update Topaz Photo AI weekly, you do not need to do this if the plugin is sometimes disappearing and it’s an inconvenience to update. You may want to update less frequently so this does not disturb your workflow.

Lingyu, You nailed it!

  1. Using CleanMyMac X, I did a clean uninstall of Topaz Photo AI.
  2. Downloaded the latest Topaz Photo AI from Topaz site, installed with all 40 models, and did a restart.
  3. Opened a file and everything worked perfectly!

Thanks Very Much for your support in getting me back my all-time favorite image fixer.

FWIW, I started with one of the first pro digicams, when noise and sharpness - among other issues - were big issues.
(Dynamic range was awful, and under-exposing to avoid blown highlights was essential, but that meant noisy shadows.)
So I believe I appreciate the great work Topaz is doing more than most.

George Widman

Thanks for reporting back! Let us know if you run into anything else :smiley:

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