Photoshop hangs after running plugin

After running the plugin, photoshop will no longer update the image view. I can zoom in and out and the percentage changes but the image does not move. I am unable to make any edits. I can save and then quite photoshop and then re-open it and then open the file.
Also, after re-opening the image it is set to 72DPI instead of 300 like it started at.
This only started after updating to v7.

@scott.griswold, please reach out to Support so we can investigate this issue further.

If you’d like, you can even include my name and I can work with you directly.

I did a complete removal of Gigapixel under a different user account and then did a reinstall and it worked. I then switched back to my standard account and after an additional restart it now works. No more issues with zoom or with the DPI.
If i have further issues I will open a support ticket.


This is good to hear. Thanks for letting me know!

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