Photoshop filter does not remember masking or any settings really if you make changes outside of topaz

My workflow is currently open a raw image in camera raw. Make adjustments, masking etc. Open that as an object (smart filter) in photoshop (so you can double click and go back to Image Raw to have the updates reflected in photoshop - but also on the raw file itself.)

I apply the Topaz filter, it runs the autopilot. I adjust to my liking, including making masks for the sharpen or basically anything… When I’m happy I save it to Adobe Photoshop.

If I later decide to tweak something back in Camera Raw, I do so, and upon returning to Photoshop, Topaz filter opens, runs the auto pilot and sends the results back to photoshop (without remembering all of my changes that I did above.)

If topaz would remember my masking and other tweaking when I go back into it, then that would be PERFECT!!!

It would also be great if my free updates would start when this is fixed as it has caused a LOT of nightmares - to the point where I might just use Photoshop’s denoising and other tools over Topaz.

Topaz Photo AI 2.4.0 on Windows

Please reach out to us at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Support Page

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