Photoshop Crashes Everytime i try to Export from Gigapixel Automate Plugin

I use the plugin via the automate option in Photoshop. Current Photoshop Version (v25.7) and Topaz Gigapixel 7.13. Photoshop Crashes Everytime when i try to export it back to photoshop. Isee a new layer in the layers panel but it’s just empty. it hangs and then Photoshop just crashes.

I tried uninstalling, reinstalling with the installer but no change.

Had 7.03 before which worked fine. Is this a known issue and when will it be addressed?

p.s. i’m using a german version of photoshop, don’t know if maybe that is causing the problem?

This is not a known issue.

Have you tried to use Gigapixel as a standalone, and does it cause problems for your machine when you use it that way?