Photoshop actions / batching error ( does not record TL paramteres) - help

When using Topaz Studio or Topaz impression 2 within photoshop in a multistage process with Actions recording for later batching ( Automate/Batch) say in my case for a folder of images ( to make a video) - actions ( well TopazLabs) does not remember the parameters you picked in Impression ( Studio or not) but simply appears to just use what ever the last setting you had. Essentially wreaking what you recorded with Actions. I am trying to make an Action with photoshop calls and 2 different calls to Impression which can never work because it is unable to remember Impression parameters that I actually picked in the process.

So there is now the standalone Studio batch tool which will remember Impression parameters ( so I can call more than one impression in an effect process) BUT that will not let me also call other photoshop commands. Please either fix Studio so it works with Photoshop Actions ( how can you have a modern photoshop tool that does not work in batching/Actions mode!).

I make art videos where I have great resutls with your products but I can’t fully realize them with Actions broken.


I suggest you raise a support request as I believe Studio does not support Photoshop Actions as it has it’s own batch processing interface.

For Impression via PS Actions do the first image with the parameters you want and after that when the PS Batch process is called it will use the last settings you utilised.

thanks, I will suggest it as a feature. meanwhile I will attempt to find topaz labs studio alternatives for the current color/image processing techniques I do via Photoshop and other Photoshop plugins in my multistage process. If I can swap in tools specific in the TL studio then I can try an attempt my current processes ( batched on movies frames) from the TL Studio batch system.