Photos no longer open with new version 1.4.0

The update has broken my app and any ability to use it.

Since installing version 1.4.0 on my M1 Mac, I can’t open any photos for processing. The app had previously been working perfectly for several months.

Whether using the application directly to open files from the Finder or exporting from Lightroom Classic using the Plugin manager, nothing happens when I try to open photos for processing. The app screen simply remains blank.

To try to resolve the issue I uninstalled both the app and the plugin and then reinstalled after a restart but the issue persists.

I’ve attached the log file below:

Topaz Photo AI [v1.4.0] on [Mac]
2023-07-07-16-44-18.tzlog (66.5 KB)

I am having the exact same issue. I have re-installed, rebooted, tries to run as a demo all to the same effect. I am running a MacBook Pro with an Intel 2.3Ghz Quad core I7

Thx! Craig

2023-07-13-14-23-11.tzlog (82.0 KB)

Same issue for me on my M1 Mac - I’ve never had an issue until v1.4.1 was installed yesterday. Now nothing happens when I open the App for editing from Lightroom, just a blank Topaz screen.

Hi, I’ve just fixed this issue using the following instructions from TOPAZ:

Let me know if this fixes it for you.

I performed the above listed fix. I was able to edit one photo (from Photoshop). When I tried another , new image, the same problem occurred.


I deleted the Photo AI plist files, then deleted the Photo AI app, then restarted, then re-loaded the Photo AI app. Now the software is working again.

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