Photos edited in Topaz appear at the very bottom of the Lightroom thumbnails

If I am editing a photo I took weeks ago, I then have to scroll to the bottom of my LR thumbnails to find the photo, then I have to scroll back up to find the photos from weeks ago.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Edit in Topaz from LR classic
    2.Scroll down and it appears at the very end of the thumbnail list
  2. After editing 20 photos and scrolling back and forth, chew fingers off at first joint in frustration (I’m using a Mac mini)

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Please go to the Lightroom Classic > Preferences > External Editing menu and make sure that stack with original is checked.

It is still doing it. I had the box checked to start with, unchecked it, checked it again, used Topaz AI on an image again and it put both the Topaz-sharpened image and the unsharpened image at the very bottom of the thumbnails. Any other thoughts? BTW, I LOVE the new AI Topaz. . . it’s so FAST and works well.

Are you organizing your images by date modified? On my computer the images are all listed by the day they were shot so the images do not move around after processing since Topaz Photo AI copies that information over.

Can you check your files to see if they have the correct date shot on the output?

Do you have antivirus or other applications that could be blocking Topaz Photo AI from writing that metadata?

Lingyu, thank you for helping. I think the problem was NOT Topaz but Lightroom. Oddly, I did what you suggested under View/Sort, and it didn’t work, and I tried it a second time and now my photographs are arranged by Capture Time. I was alarmed, I have 85,000 photos in the lightroom catalogue!

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I’m glad to hear it’s working now. I’m not sure what the setting was prior but hopefully it continues to function as expected this way.

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