Photographic Composite - Ps, Topaz DeNoise, Topaz Sharpen AI, Topaz Studio 2

I’m trying to embark on various photographic experiments using Ps CC 2020 and Topaz plugin products (new & “classic”), while indoors, to try to stretch beyond my typical photo style and not climb the walls.

Here’s an example of what I produced today by creating a still life composite in Ps, then post-processing it using Topaz AI Clear & DeNoise AI (for different types & areas of cleaning), Sharpen AI (with selective masking applied to exclude certain areas), Topaz Studio 2 and Topaz BW Effects (‘classic’ - to produce a combo platinum & more latte-colored [watered down Van Dyke Brown] monochrome toning finish. I am an amateur. Not a pro retoucher - I would have loved to do something better with wrt shadows, etc. on the spoon. But I did the best I can.

I enjoy mixing & matching Topaz plugins rather than using them straight. But they work either way. It depends on what someone wants to achieve. I tend toward keeping a photographic rather than illustrative look but at the same time strive to achieve a fine art photography gestalt.

I suppose, with this image, I’m hoping that everything comes up roses sooner rather than later (or else I’m hungry and frustrated stores don’t have the foods I usually like to eat in stock…). If anyone is bothered by that, pls avert your gentle eyes/keyboard.

Here’s what I started with:

And, here’s the after Ps CC & Topaz monochrome still life result:


Tony & Peter,

Thx so much for your “LIkes”!! Much appreciated. It took me a really long time creating this. I’m certainly not a pro retoucher. And, you and others here are so talented. I’m just trying new things while I have the time to do so and hoping to pick up new techniques to use in the future.

I’m definitely not a programmer, but I’ve even resorted to trying to learn how to design a watchface for my Samsung Active 2 watch as something to create some mental stimulation and a sense of creativity in scary times…

Take care!

Hi @Fotomaker I think you did very well. Not all people enjoying this forum are professionals. I am not but this does not matter. I really like to see what other people are doing using Topaz products which always gives me new ideas to walk down different directions and try to learn. So your creative work is appreciated and we want to see more of it.
Stay healthy! Peter

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