PhotoAI sees more noise if levels are adjusted

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Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1
    open image 3256

  2. Step 2
    set size to fit

  3. Step 3
    save as Jpg Auto Settings

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Hi @JesusSheep, I’m not quite following what the conflict is here – can you expand a bit more on what is going on?

Thank you!

When the photo Loaded into Photo Shop And Auto Levels are Done It appears that Photo AI catches more noise In Rawdigger that uses Libraw render mode has correct levels is seems than composite Topaz seems to resemble composite .I refer to Libraw because last I heard Topaz uses it too.Adjust AI no longer working features there no longer be used.I up loaded 3 Files 1 Source 2 from Rawdigger that uses Libra 1 Render mode 1 Composite .I can only upload a screen shot on forum .If seems that PhotoAT mosses noise In composite where the levels are wrong.I Teied out DXO Photo Lab And Raw Composite Is like DXO Raw where Levels are wrong But in PhotoLab Levels were correct.
This is the same result Auto Levels Than PhotoAI as a plugin. Adjust AI Was Even able to get close Level wise.This is missing in PhotoAI as well as Selection of Color space or Gamut.
The Reason I Mention DXo Raw and PhotoLab is They are also Standalone.My Cat image is a Test to Seee if Program will clean more noise if photo has Auto Levels done.PhotoAI has only File format Color space has been removed.
For the Processing of Color and noise At least ProPhoto would be more accurate .
Compare sRGB to Divinchi Resolve Gamut.
You are trying to Compete With DXo I think.
It looks Adjust AI features were left out.
So the AI can not do Exposure ,Tone,Levels,Contrast.Compare these settings In AdjustAI. PhotoAI will not detect incorrect Exposure As my Example of Composite and render shows.With PhotoAI How much of the processing Previous AI products were put into PhotoAI including quality?

@JesusSheep thanks for reaching out and submitting your feedback.

Photo AI currently has Remove Noise, Sharpen, Face Recovery, Enhance Resolution, and Upscale. We’ll be coming out with Text Recovery and Remove Object fairly soon.

The AI models use existing image data to improve the quality. If the original image lacks detail, Photo AI will struggle as well. It looks like your original image does not have a lot of noise because it’s too dark. Photo AI does not change exposure.

Let me know if that answers your question.

Photo AI seems to leave out. Features in Adjust AI like exposure and the fist set of settings in Adjust AI.So Photo AI has to have a bright image to detect noise?

We’re working on including some of those features like being able to adjust exposure in a future release coming soon.

Whether or not the app can detect imperfections depends on the detail in the original. If it’s too dark, it won’t be able to register the noise. Once we include the exposure feature, it’ll make this workflow much easier.

Check out Auto tone in Lightroom.Look at Adjuust AI Auto Settings.
Consider Exposure Bracketing in cameras.Apple Smart HDR uses 3 photos with 3 exposures.Exposure And tone can be processed first .Than denoise,sharpen,Enlarge.or Enhance than denoise ,than Sharpen than recover text than enlarge.

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Thanks for the tips

After Denoise is Done Photo Can be set back to original exposure and tone My Car Photo was Like -6 Exp.For Masking Consider MasK AI Keep Delete Save Blend(Color Range,Color Picker.
Check out this for masking.I think company is gone.

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