PhotoAI Does not Re-read Images If Same Image Filename

This is a really annoying bug. I exported the following image from Capture One, using the filename 191004_G9_1008765.jpg, then loaded it into PhotoAI and exported the result. After that I closed the image in PhotoAI.

I then looked at the image in my image management software and decided I didn’t like the crop, so I went back to C1, adjusted the crop and re-exported this variant, with the same filename:

Because the image had the same filename as one already processed in that session, PhotoAI doesn’t “re-read” it, it uses cached information (despite the fact that the new image has a different size).

The result is that when I try and export the image I get a weird hybrid of the two versions:

I can confirm that if I close down PhotoAI, restart it and reload the image it processes fine, but I should be able to do that in a single session and it should be able to work out from the changed file size that the image has changed and needs to be re-scanned.

Topaz Photo AI 2.4.1 Windows

Thanks for sharing these images and that workflow. This is a task our developers are currently working on.

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