PhotoAI crashes using Generative Remove when using Intel Arc A770

When using the Generative Remove feature Photo AI (3.0.1) will crash completely out when using my Intel Arc a770 video card.
When using the CPU the application will not crash.

Windows 11 pro os build 22631.3447
Intel i9 11900k
ROG STRIX Z490-E motherboard
96GB ram
ASRock Arc a770 16GB video card - Running latest driver version (Driver version does not matter it crashed with the previous driver version also)

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Start Photo AI

  2. In Edit->Preferences->AI Processor set it to ‘Auto’ or ‘Intel(R) Arc™ A770 Graphics’ and Apply

  3. Close and Re-Open Photo AI

  4. Open a .tiff file (Example I am using is 4128x6192)

  5. Allow Photo AI to choose and apply its autopilot enhancements

  6. Wait for the Preview is finished

  7. Click ‘Add enhancements’-> Generative → Remove

  8. Select area of photo to ‘Remove’

  9. Select ‘Remove selection’
    10.‘Preparing’ spinner will start and the application crashes

  10. Restart Photo AI

  11. in Edit->Preferences-> AI Processor set it to ‘CPU’

  12. Repeat steps 3-10

  13. The application finishes and ‘removes’ the selected area.

Using the older Photo AI 2.x builds ‘Remove’ would not crash the application but the remove action would fail with an error.

This happens after a re-start of the computer or if the machine has been up for a while.

Crash log file attached

Topaz Photo AI v3.0.1 on Windows
2024-04-29-22-29-38.tzlog (145.5 KB)

Attaching DxDiag log
DxDiag.txt (118.8 KB)

Thanks for sharing that information with us here. I have reached out to some of the developers to see if we can figure out why this is occuring while using your GPU. I will be sure to reach out to you once I hear back from them.

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