Photo with block lines after applying topaz

Before I write this i reinstalled Topaz , and Lr and Ps controlled on updates. And search here for known bugs.

  1. photo shows battlements like a castle wall. See screenshot, Its like this in photoshop. In Lightroom i have a new picture but totally white and directly in topaz i also recieve a whole white picture.

  2. Your system profile :
    DxDiag.txt (118.3 KB)

  3. Your log files (Help > Logging > Get Logs for Support)
    2023-02-11-16-38-24.tzlog (95.9 KB)

  4. Any screenshots as necessary

I hope there is or will be a solution.

Edit: If I only use sharpen, it looks oké .
If i only use denoise it’s like the screenshot with the lines.

I had similar problem when the Remove Noise and Enhance Sharpness sliders are close to max value.

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But i’m not even close to the maximum value.

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Please update you GPU driver, its more than a half year old.

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thanks, problem solved.