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went to an exhibition of photographs of the building which had been a factory taken as the business ended and the machinery was removed


Fascinating! Love the subject, composition and shadows!

Nicely done Terry.

Very nice composition using the available lighting.

Super work Terry …

Great work … great use of the light from the top …

like the depth of this image and the structure of the roof.

Very nice b&w…love the contrast.

I think what catches my eye first is the perspective. The only thing I would have done is lighten the shadows a bit more on the left.

for your kind comments - I’m in my comfort zone again with B&W — but I must try something more taxing soon
@Michigander - Wayne I smiled when I read this since I’d darkened BOTH sets of shadows to encourage the viewer to look from them into the wonderful pattern made by the shadows from the roof windows


I tend to lean to low contrast. I go often into PS - Enhance - Adjust Lighting - Shadows/Highlights but I do understand your train of thought. Great image! On my monitor there seems to be less detail on the left. I use my laptop most of the time because I like sitting in my lazy-boy while working and the screen is not real bright. Ha! Ha!

Point taken.
I tend to go for higher contrast and I like my skies darker (as Ansel Adams and Bill Brandt).
I have edited using my ancient laptop on my lap but that annoys my wife so I have to go to use the PC in the newly refurbished office complete with new desk etc - it’d be a shame not to use it!

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Fantastic work!

thanks @nnjrob65 for dropping by