Photo format

When editing a 4x3 raw photo (sensor format) but taken with the camera set to 16x9 format, it should be possible to save a TIF or DNG in 4x3 format, but it always saves in 16x9.

@juarez.canto Photo AI is only reading the data that’s in the file that’s imported. If the file already doesn’t include the data from 4x3 because it was cropped to 16x9 in the first place, then Photo AI won’t be able to save it in the original aspect ratio.

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding your question.

If the file had been cropped to 16x9 format, how do Luminar Neo and Windows Photos Viewer show the censor’s 4x3 format photos ?

Before buying Topaz Photo AI I tested DxO PureRaw, and it saves the photos in the censor format, not in the format to which the camera was set.