Photo colorization (from black and white to color)

Hey there!

I thought about a thing that completely falls under the photo AI stuff: photo colorization.
Load a black and white photo, do some magic, and show a realistic color photo.

Yes, that kind of stuff already exists, and it works already damn good.
You can look, for instance, at the Deoldify open-source project, and some websites (like MyHeritage) are already offering services like this (based on the same open-source project), but with too few options.

I’m sure that this kind of AI-thing is something Topaz can make for general purpose with great quality. And it can be amazing.

I would certainly buy this if Topaz is going to market a program like this.
At the moment I am looking with one eye to Pixbim, which does a nice job, but is not quite there yet.